Laravel 5.5 CRUD Tutorial

First of all, we will make one Laravel Project and then step by step; we will build this project. Ticket System is ultimately a Laravel 5.5 CRUD Operations, [...]

How to create virtual host with windows7 and xampp

Go to your xampp folder go to apache > conf > extra >httpd-vhosts.conf Add following line on that file. My is as follows<VirtualHost [...]

Laravel From Scratch =========================== 1.Laravel From Scratch [Part 1] - Series [...]

Build Employee Management System with Laravel 5.4 and Adminlte

- Instruction: Please follow all bellow steps: composer update rename .env.example with .env configure database on .env file create a new database [...]

Laravael Commands

Some useful laravel commands: Command: php artisan serve Output: Laravel development server started on http://localhost:8000/ //Generate Application key [...]