Laravael Commands

Some useful laravel commands:

Command: php artisan serve
Output: Laravel development server started on http://localhost:8000/

//Generate Application key to secure session and other encrypted data
Command: php artisan key:generate 
Outpt: Application key [Q6VrZHl3iaiZNbmtMQ3lhXxoAzqKoYET] set successfully.

//Naming the Application
Command: php artisan app:name <name-of-your-application>
Output: Application namespace set!

//To increase the performance and to boost the web application
Command: php artisan config:cache
Configuration cache cleared!
Configuration cached successfully!

//Go to maintenance mode
Command: php artisan down

//After finishing maintenance
Command: php artisan up

Middleware(bridge between a request and a response)

php artisan make:middleware <middleware-name>
php artisan make:middleware AgeMiddleware
//Output: See in app/Http/Middleware directory

Registering Middleware

2 types
Global Middleware
Route Middleware

Make Authorisation

php artisan make:auth
Create database for eg `blogdb`in phpmyadmin
Edit .env file for database setting.
php artisan migrate

How to quickly make a Laravel 5.2 app with Registration, Login, Password Reset and Dashboard

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